Business Babies

Our businesses are our ‘babies’ and sometimes it’s hard to let other people take care of them. 

Most of us can share an impressive wealth of knowledge about the particulars of our industry, but just because you know all about your business doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a natural business leader. 

Many business owners struggle for quite a few common reasons, but some of the most common issues involve problems with their people – mainly, a lack of direction and engagement from their employees. 

Each business has specific nuances, but these four simple solutions can move mountains when it comes to solving a lot of the ‘people problems’ that plague far too many companies.

  1. Delegate Dutifully

Finding the right manager is crucial if you want to keep your employees working well. Choose someone whose strengths fill in the gaps of your weaknesses and encourage them to do the same to all employees down the chain until you’ve maximized everyone’s potential. I know that you might want to try to do it all yourself (believe me, I know), but delegation is a life saver. Give people the opportunity to shine and you may be shocked at what potential you unearth. 

  1. Take Pride

Make your business a place that your employees (and you) can honestly take pride in. Focus on quality of products or services, foster a loyal environment where they feel genuinely cared about as workers AND people, and consider getting involved in community service as a team. Proud employees are motivated employees.

  1. Articulate Goals

Be clear and communicate well. Fully explain directions for tasks and even describe their place as part of a larger whole; expound upon why even the smallest duties benefit the smooth operation of your entire company. Also be mindful to keep employees informed and in the loop when it comes to any business changes. If they feel they aren’t valuable enough to know what’s going on, then they can easily start to mentally check out.

  1. Give Thanks

Employees don’t have to be constantly showered with praise to be successful. However, just a simple “thank you” or “great work” is often all it takes to keep them feeling engaged, empowered, and moving in the right direction. 

For specialized support in keeping your team cohesive and fully functioning, please take a moment to call or email about consultation services and I’ll make sure that your ‘baby’ doesn’t grow into a real problem child.