Mentors provide a relationship that’s a one-of-a-kind mix of professional colleague and friend with one overarching end goal – to make you a better business owner and person.

As business owners, we tend to carry all our burdens ourselves, but the simple change of adding a trusted mentor can result in the kind of professional growth that’s often unattainable if we’re trying to go it alone.

The unique and close relationship you form with a mentor allows them to truly understand your personality and help you spot the weak points in your business practices that you have not been able to see on your own.

Failings in business are often deeply intertwined with personality traits. For instance, the stubbornness that often pushes people to have the fortitude to open a business in the first place also makes them more hesitant to accept outside advice, which usually leads to a serious plateau in their trajectory.

Three primary reasons to consider working with a mentor:

Impartial advice
Get feedback from an industry expert who has already been there. Learn from their mistakes and benefit from their experiences. They provide a safe avenue to be creative and bounce ideas around. And though you should have a friendly rapport with them, a good mentor understands that honesty is an important tool and they won’t hold back if it could damage your personal growth.

Someone to hold you accountable
You might find yourself in a bit of a slump when you run the show alone at work, but external motivation is a surprisingly effective force. Whether you respond more to enthusiastic encouragement or you don’t want to disappoint someone you respect because you’re not living up to your potential, mentors provide that extra push and drive that we all need at times.

Mentors provide fantastic, tailored advice AND they come with industry connections that have been hard-earned over many years. These connections, and the trust you gain with them from an introduction by a mentor, can be simply invaluable in business.

If you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with a mentor, I’m here to help. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the pet training field, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and contacts in the industry and I truly enjoy helping others succeed with my guidance.

Take a moment to call or email and we can grow your business together.