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Looking to nurture and develop your leaders and supervisors into exceptional, effective, and inspiring individuals? Look no further than the Leadership Mentorship Program, where I, Phillip Paris, will be your facilitator, guiding your team toward success!

Why enroll your leaders & supervisors?

Enrolling your top-tier leaders in my leadership mentorship program is an investment in your facility’s future success.

My program enhances leadership skills, fosters a culture of excellence, and promotes innovative thinking.

Your leaders will gain insights from a seasoned expert, develop critical problem-solving abilities, and improve their strategic thinking.

This mentorship will empower them to lead more effectively, boost team performance, and handle challenges confidently, resulting in a more cohesive and high-performing organization.

What’s included?

Your leaders and supervisors play a critical role in the success of your pet care facility. Investing in their growth and development will not only enhance their leadership skills but also elevate the overall performance of your facility. By enrolling them in the Leadership Mentorship Program, you are securing a brighter future for your business.


Another significant benefit of the mentorship program is the monthly mentoring sessions with me.

These sessions provide personalized guidance and support, allowing leaders to discuss their specific challenges and goals in a confidential setting.

During these meetings, we will delve into real-time issues, strategize solutions, and develop tailored action plans.

This continuous, hands-on approach ensures that leaders receive the ongoing feedback and encouragement they need to grow and excel in their roles.

By participating in these monthly sessions, leaders will build stronger skills, gain deeper insights, and enhance their ability to drive positive change within their teams and facility.


The Leadership REVolution™ Online Leadership Academy is a structured and comprehensive program designed to equip employees with essential leadership skills.

Spanning multiple modules, the course begins with “Every Employee A Leader,” covering crucial topics such as the role of employees in the organization, the importance of teamwork, and effective communication. This segment emphasizes character development and addresses common workplace issues.

Following this, “Leadership 101 – The Foundation” delves deeper into the fundamentals of leadership, exploring what makes a good leader, emotional intelligence, and the importance of influence. This module also covers the pitfalls of new leaders and the needs of employees.

Finally, “Leadership 201 – Principles in Action” applies these principles practically, focusing on advanced communication skills, delegation, problem-solving, time management, coaching, and conflict resolution.

Each lesson is designed with a blend of videos, readings, and interactive responses, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. By completing this academy, employees will not only enhance their leadership capabilities but also contribute significantly to a positive and productive workplace culture.

Upon completion of the Online Academy, mentor program participants will be enrolled in an additional online program that will offer ensure even further learning in the areas listed below:

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

The “Friends” Zone – Having Balance

Developing High-Performing Teams

Inclusive Leadership

Conflict Resolution Skills

Authentic Leadership

Adapting to Change

Effective Leadership Communication

Imposter Syndrome – Dealing with Confidence Issues

Ethical Leadership

Empowering Future Leaders

Resilience and Well-being in Leadership


In addition to the monthly lessons, participants will have access to a wealth of supplementary learning materials. These materials will provide deeper insights and practical tools that can be implemented immediately.


Your leaders and supervisors will have unparalleled access to me for in-the-moment coaching. Whether it’s through phone calls, texts, emails, or Zoom sessions, I will be there to provide guidance and support whenever they need it.

Our philosophy


At the Leadership Mentorship Program, we believe in transparency and accountability. As part of our commitment to your pet care facility’s success, we provide direct feedback each month to the top-end manager or facility owner regarding their enrolled employee(s)’ progress and development. 

After each mentoring session and throughout the program, I will closely monitor the growth and performance of your leaders and supervisors. 

Through personalized evaluations, I will provide constructive feedback to the top-end manager or facility owner. This feedback will highlight the areas of improvement and recognize the strengths that your employee(s) have developed over time.


We understand the significance of applying knowledge gained from the program into the workplace. To ensure the effective implementation of new skills and insights, we seek feedback from the facility itself. We will communicate with the management team and employees to gauge how the knowledge acquired through the Leadership Mentorship Program is being put into practice.


As part of our approach, we are committed to adapting the mentorship program based on the feedback received. We believe in continuously improving the program to ensure it aligns with the specific needs and challenges faced by your pet care facility.


By providing ongoing feedback and impact assessment, we create a cycle of growth and development. Not only does this foster a sense of accountability among the participants, but it also allows the top-end manager or facility owner to witness the tangible benefits of investing in their leaders and supervisors.


At the Leadership Mentorship Program, we are fully committed to fostering excellence in leadership within your pet care facility. We understand that enrolling an employee in this program is a deliberate investment aimed at developing them as a future leader. However, we also recognize that genuine commitment and engagement are crucial for the program’s success.


Our program is designed to empower, inspire, and guide individuals who are truly dedicated to their personal and professional growth. Participants who actively engage in the program and demonstrate a sincere commitment to their development will benefit most from the invaluable resources and coaching provided.


To ensure the utmost effectiveness of the Leadership Mentorship Program, we adopt a selective approach. While we welcome all potential candidates, we hold true to our commitment of providing the best possible experience for both the facility and its employees. We want this program to be a transformative journey for those who truly embrace the opportunity.


For some facilities, the Leadership Mentorship Program serves as a last effort to support and develop their employees into effective leaders. We understand that some individuals may face challenges or may not be the right fit for leadership roles. In such cases, we see this program as a platform to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance before any decisions are made regarding their role within the facility.


Throughout the program, we maintain open lines of communication with the facility to ensure that we are aligned with their goals and expectations. If it becomes evident that an enrolled employee is not fully engaged or meeting the program’s requirements, we will address the situation promptly and transparently with the facility’s management.


Our mutual goal is to create a thriving and successful pet care facility led by motivated and skilled individuals. We believe that by working hand in hand with the facility, we can shape the future of your team and business together.

Join the Leadership Mentorship Program Today!

If you are ready to invest in your facility’s future and empower your leaders and supervisors, enroll in the Leadership Mentorship Program today. Let’s collaborate to unleash the true potential of your team and create a remarkable impact in the world of pet care. Together, let’s pave the way for exceptional leadership within your facility!

About Phillip Paris

Phillip Paris

I bring more than 15 years of experience in leadership development, team building, and business growth. My passion for empowering leaders to reach their full potential has led me to create this exclusive mentorship program. With a proven track record of success, I am committed to helping your facility achieve remarkable results.

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Enroll Now and Unlock Your Facility’s Potential

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your pet care facility to new heights. Enroll your leaders and supervisors in the Leadership Mentorship Program today and witness the positive transformation of your team.

The cost is a monthly recurring fee of $199 per employee.  If the facility is currently a coaching client, then the fee is $149 per month.

Remember, investing in your leaders is an investment in the future of your pet care facility. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

Monthly recurring fee


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I took the plunge and hired Phil to come out and see my place.
  • very down to earth and felt comfortable asking the "silliest questions"
  • Has an answer for any question AND a game plan to implement it!"
  • Suggestions were obtainable"
  • Revenue up 40% within 3 months"
Highly recommend Phil worth the investment.
Phillip is a pleasure to work with. He has a deep and expert knowledge of the industry while still being kind and approachable. Phillip was instrumental in helping me implement new processes into my business and offer additional services. As a result of the changes he suggested, and new services he helped us launch, we have seen 50% revenue growth year/year.
Round Rock, TX
Great experience with Phillip. Highly recommend to anyone whether it be to fine-tune their processes or do a complete overhaul. He has so much experience and sometimes just helpful to have an outsider viewpoint to notice things you may have overlooked. My staff were very comfortable speaking with him as he has such an approachable personality. Great energy and motivator!
Charlotte, NC

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