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Team members in all roles can lift the company culture and, ultimately, improve the customer experience by enhancing their own leadership traits. Access this powerful three-course program for all of your team members with one simple subscription.


Every Employee a Leader™

10 lessons

Your role at your facility can be far more than just your job title. Whether you’re a pet care handler, groomer, dog trainer, front desk staff or a cleaner, you can display leadership traits that will contribute to your success and the success of the facility!

This course is designed for ANY employee of a facility to go through as part of their initial on-boarding or at any time for continual learning and will take approximately one hour.

Employee Role in Organization
Our Commitments
Importance of Teamwork
Effective Communications I
Effective Communications II
Keep Your Character Strong
Workplace Drama
Customer Service 101

Leadership 101 — The Foundation

13 lessons

In Leadership 101 – The Foundation, you will explore the fundamental concepts and principles that form the core of effective leadership. Through this course, you will gain a solid understanding of what it means to be a leader and what traits and skills are needed to make you the best leader that you can be.

In this course, I will expose you to many new thoughts, ideas, principles, ideologies and skills, all brought to you by a thoughtful combination of myself and other people who I think will be useful and helpful in your endeavors!

Perfect for ANY LEVEL OF LEADER in your facility.

Welcome from Phillip
What is a Leader?
Leadership Explained
Importance of Leadership
How Leaders Lead
How Leaders Use Influence
Understanding Workplace Failures
New Leader Mistakes
What Employees Need From You
Understanding Human Motivation
101 Wrap Up

Leadership 201 — Principles in Action

18 lessons

“Leadership 201 – Principles in Action” is a continuation of 101 and is an advanced-level course that delves into the practical application of leadership principles in real-world scenarios. Building upon foundational leadership concepts, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead teams, drive workplace change, and inspire others towards common goals. Through engaging content, real-life examples, you will gain insights into advanced leadership theories, enhance your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, develop effective communication and interpersonal skills. This course empowers you to put leadership principles into action, enabling you to lead with integrity, adaptability, and a strong sense of purpose.

Welcome to Leadership 201
Effective Communications
Delegation Skills
Problem Solving 101
Time Management Essentials
Coaching, Mentoring, & Building Relationships
In-the-Moment Coaching
The “Friends” Zone — Having Balance
Having Difficult Conversations
The GUIDE Model™ of Communications
Using the GUIDE Model™ in AI
Conflict Resolution
Drama — Why It Matters
Managing Workplace Drama
Managing Poor / Underperforming Employees
Leaders Have Bad Days, Too
Wrap Up — Congrats

About Phillip Paris

Phillip Paris

I bring more than 15 years of experience in leadership development, team building, and business growth. My passion for empowering leaders to reach their full potential has led me to create this exclusive mentorship program. With a proven track record of success, I am committed to helping your facility achieve remarkable results.

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Pet Business Consultant, Coach & Mentor

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Member Success Stories

I took the plunge and hired Phil to come out and see my place.
  • very down to earth and felt comfortable asking the "silliest questions"
  • Has an answer for any question AND a game plan to implement it!"
  • Suggestions were obtainable"
  • Revenue up 40% within 3 months"
Highly recommend Phil worth the investment.
Phillip is a pleasure to work with. He has a deep and expert knowledge of the industry while still being kind and approachable. Phillip was instrumental in helping me implement new processes into my business and offer additional services. As a result of the changes he suggested, and new services he helped us launch, we have seen 50% revenue growth year/year.
Round Rock, TX
Great experience with Phillip. Highly recommend to anyone whether it be to fine-tune their processes or do a complete overhaul. He has so much experience and sometimes just helpful to have an outsider viewpoint to notice things you may have overlooked. My staff were very comfortable speaking with him as he has such an approachable personality. Great energy and motivator!
Charlotte, NC

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